Instructions to Sponsors:

Consult GOD as to who is a likely Pilgrim.

1. Please print both the Pilgrim and Sponsor registration form or you can use the online application.
2. Discuss the Emmaus Walk with BOTH husband and wife at the same time and place.
3. Ask prospective Pilgrim to fill out the Pilgrim form, Sponsors fill out corresponding form.

Online Forms:

- Pilgrim Online Registration Form

- Sponsor Online Registration Form

- Community Service Areas

Download Forms:

- Pilgrim Printable Registration Form

- Sponsor Printable Registration Form

- Service Areas 

Additional information:

- Sponsor Check List

- Agape Request Letter

- Inexpensive Agape Ideas

Fees can now be paid online by using the appropriate buttons below.

Please note there is a processing fee for completing the online transaction. This amount is included at time of payment.

A check to cover the fee can be mailed to: PO Box 16214, Bristol, VA 24209.

Please make check payable to: HIGHLANDS EMMAUS COMMUNITY

Private Room Fee